SAFEWIRE | Secure and Simple File Send
Secure and Simple File Send
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Safe direct transfer of important, sensitive and classified documents

Simpler than e-mail, more secure than on-line banks.

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SAFEWIRE is the digital version of “Diplomatic Mail”.

All your sensitive documents are transported securely between verified and authenticated users. No one can access or read those documents while in transit. You cannot even send documents to an unauthorized recipient by mistake.

SAFEWIRE is the simple way to transfer files of any size to another user. Email usually has file size limits, typically 20MB. SAFEWIRE has no limits. Simple drag-n-drop to send your files with strongest possible end-to-end encryption.

sending a file

receiving a file

Secure Document Sharing

Email is as secure as a postcard, cloud services store your files in clear text and large scale document systems are expensive and complicated to administrate.
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SAFEWIRE is a simple to use but effective high secure distribution channel for sharing your sensitive documents. End-to-end encrypted, point-to-point direct transfer, but with a secure queuing system for maximum convenience.
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“Beem it over, Scotty!”

End-to-End Encryption
Our crypto technology is the next generation of standards used by banks and governments.

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Pre-Approved Users
Prevent common mistakes like sending email or sharing download link with wrong recipient.

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No Central Storage
P2P direct transfer with secure encrypted queue if the receiver is off-line.

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Separate Channel
Secure files are handled outside the normal conversation that hackers may be listening to.

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Simple Document Sharing

There is a lot of smart technology out there that’s never used, because it is too complicated or slow. The technology doesn’t support your tasks, it becomes an obstacle that slows you down. So you start taking shortcuts to get things done.

SAFEWIRE is your shortcut to share documents with partners, clients and co-workers. So simple that it is faster to use than email while increasing your communication security.
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SAFEWIRE is so simple that you don’t need an IT department to administrate or set it up.

Easy to use
Drag and drop a file to SAFEBOX, select recipient, unlock and click SEND. Off it goes, encrypted.

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No waiting for connection
Don’t wait for recipients. With our secure queue your file will be delivered when they come online.

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No Size Limits
No filesize limits. Send that huge file, simply and securely.

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No IT department
Simple administration of approved users in your account dashboard.

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